DRHS is now online


Congratulations, you are now eligible to access our online Patient Portal where you can view your clinical information online. This information includes allergies, immunizations, active and inactive medications, current and past health concerns and certain test results from current and past clinic visits, which will be available online after your visit.  The instructions below will guide you through the entire registration process. It is very important to follow these directions exactly in the order they are given. Once you have registered, you can easily access your clinical information by visiting


Step 1: Confirmation email


Check your email inbox or spam folders for the confirmation message to begin your registration process. The email will be sent from ‘’. Then click the link provided to create a new user.


Step 2: Registration



You will be asked to enter your name, date of birth, unique user name and password. Very important: make sure you check the box at the right to verify that your information is correct. Then click the "register” button at the bottom of the screen.


Step 3: Security questions

Choose three security questions with the answers then click submit. On the next page, click the on "Main Menu” to begin looking at your clinical records.

Step 4: Patient records


From the patient list, click on the name of the patient you are authorized to view. The patient’s clinical visits will be listed chronologically. Next to each visit there is a link that shows the account number and the title "Summary of Care”. Click on the link in the Summary of Care column to view the document.



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